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I was at the brink of losing a couple of clients because my computer has been acting up for 2 weeks now. I cannot create and run my reports or programs, I called Experts of  Techgeekllc, was able to determine the issue right then and there. I never knew that reinstallation of the application will only be the fix. Thank you guys!".

Meredith Keira

Techgeekllc has definitely helped speed up my computer. I went into college with a computer that was speedy and fast and after a while it just got bogged down and needed some refreshing. This definitely did the trick. Now I don't have to sit waiting on things to load for 10 minutes. Thanks so much!!


My computer skills are limited, and several times we had either viruses or some computer glitch that left our business computer paralyzed. In all cases, Techgeekllc came to the rescue to bail us out. Quick turn-around time, economical repairs, and personalized service keep us loyal to their business. Thanks!!!

Melissa Ashivam

My computer is an integral part of my day to day life, so when my computer got infected with a nasty virus I was frantic, good thing was this, I visit Techgeekllc website and its experts was able to get rid of that nasty virus for me in no time. So thank for solve my problem.

Rick and Cherie

Excellent support and services of Techgeekllc . It was great to speak to someone who did not have an accent I could not understand. For the time that the technician took to repair my computer the price was cheap and the result was better than I thought. This 5 year old computer runs like it did in new. I will be highly recommending this service. Thanks Techgeekllc..!!

Scott McBride

I was ready to buy a new computer thinking this one was beyond hope. I had gotten BUY WEAR which is harder to get rid of than a virus. Thank you so much. I really don't have money to buy a new computer so I am very grateful to you.

Ilene Dawn Russell

Techgeekllc service is exemplary, polite and prompt. The fact is that they trust their customers and provide better services. They fix my problem and make me want to use them again and refer them to friends and associates.

Lindsey Tilson